Segway polo

Company event – Team Building Activity

At Polo Club Wassenaar we offer a complete program for a (half-)day for your company. A relaxed outdoors event in a sporting setting, aimed at getting familiar with the excitement of polo, but played on a Segway. At the same time it is a fantastic and unique way for developing team spirit amoung your employees. Participants will be made familiar with the Segways and organised into teams to play matches against each other. They will experience team work, coordination and ambition to win, while at the same time they are required to give total concentration and balance.

A program will be made in close cooperation with you, but could look as follows ;

– Welcome and introduction

– Explanation of the game of polo

– Practicing polo shots with short mallets on the field

– Practicing polo shots with long mallets while standing on chairs to get the correct height

– Try out on Segway’s to master their balance

– Participation in Segway polo matches, leading to an exciting final

– Drinks, price-giving and a polo demonstration on horse-back

– Dinner at the Clubhouse or at the field (Argentine Barbeque, Indonesian buffet or other)

For more information or tailor-made programing of your day, please contact  Patricia Flipsen, email ;